me_face    Hi!
My name is Mary Baechler, and I am a licensed Certified Nutritionist. This is a Master’s degree level certification. I have a Master’s in Nutrition, with a core concentration in Obesity; and within that a concentration on diabetes. I am a former midwife and entrepreneur (the Baby Jogger company).

A little bit about me: in 2009  I was diagnosed with neuropathy and borderline diabetes.  I knew I should exercise, but walking was horribly painful. The medications prescribed for me didn’t help or had too many side effects. I started my own journey in rebuilding health, and went to grad school in Nutrition with a focus on weight loss and diabetes. I am absolutely fascinated with the latest research and studies on obesity, weight loss and diabetes, and hope to share that information with you.

We all have struggles with weight, with blood sugar, with no time to exercise. Food is an incredible gift that should bring us joy; let’s get rid of guilt or self-judgement, and eat to build health. If you want to make changes in your health, I can help you lose weight or control your blood sugar, or improve your lipid or cholesterol factors. This is a really fun, luxurious way to eat, and I love hearing from clients that they have lost 9 lbs or 11 lbs in the first month or two!

Please let me know what I can help you with; I meet with almost all of my clients in a one-hour home visit, in the Yakima or Seattle areas (we can also meet online, by phone consultation or by appointment at a mutually-agreed on location). Have a great day!

Best wishes,


Mary Baechler
Yakima, Wa.

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