As someone who was diagnosed (briefly) as a diabetic, I know how traumatic the diagnosis can be (my blood glucose was 252). Yet I managed to turn my diagnosis around; I was probably borderline; first they said I was diabetic, then they said I maybe wasn’t. My blood glucose is great now, my neuropathy gone, the memory problems I had along with my neuropathy are just a memory :).  What did I do? I changed the way I ate, and also lost weight.

If you or someone you love has diabetes, probably I can help. Many of my clients are elderly and have been diabetic for many years, and often with the complications that come with diabetes. With gentle, easy changes to diet, it is possible improve your blood glucose levels, lose weight if you need to, and just feel better. I teach a great way to eat – you will never be hungry! 

Diabetes can be controlled in one of two ways; you can try to control it with medication. Sometimes this works; often not. Trying to get your blood glucose down, after it has already gone up, is like trying to shut the barn door after the horse is a mile away. 

If you come to me for a nutritional evaluation, we will do a medical history; a medication history and I will want to know what you have learned about how to eat as a person with diabetes…the next step will be to look at your last 24 hours of food. Please don’t change it; just eat like you always do. The goal here is to help you, and there is no right or wrong. I just need to see what has been working for you.

Then we will work together to create a personal diet plan for you; based on foods you really enjoy and the best ways to improve your blood glucose. As you start to lose weight, you will need to work with your doctor or primary care provider to adjust (lower) your diabetes medications as your blood glucose gets to be more consistently in a normal range.


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