My job as a nutritionist is to help you! We all come to food with a gestalt of all our experiences, joys, food baggage, what out friends told us, and what we read on the internet. As a nutritionist, I want to help you achieve your goals for weight loss and health.

Sometimes we are thinking that it is all in our head, or that if we just tried harder, or exercised more, then we would lose weight. Really though, it is just physiology. What moves food energy into fat cells? The hormone insulin. What moves stored food energy (fat) out of the fat cell, so you can use that energy? Another hormone, glucagon. It’s more about your hormones, and less about the calories or exercise.

Most importantly though, it’s about you. What are your goals? What do you think I can help you with? Do you feel like you are ready for a change?

With nutritional counseling, you can choose to take small steps- maybe changing one thing about breakfast, and seeing how that feels. Or you might decide you want to really go for it! Or maybe you want to learn more about nutrition, and mull it over. It’s really about what you want, and your decision to take what feels comfortable to you.

My job will be to give you the information- there is so much power in information! And if you decide to go for the “whole schebang” or even if you just want to take a few small steps at first, my hope is that you are never hungry and your blood sugar is stabilized.

Lastly, under philosophy, I love my “lighthearted food rules”!
Food is for joy.Really! Wouldn’t that be awesome, to just be eating for the pleasure and joy in the food? Sort of like French people in the 1950’s, when Julia Child was there to study? Just lots of joy in how good it tastes. And I love what I have learned from the Yakama indians near where I live;their belief that food is a gift from the Creator.

No guilt. Life is sometimes hard; and sometimes we just have had too much guilt over food; “if only I had eaten better”. If you you want to have something- that candy bar, or a milkshake, whatever- I hope you really enjoy it, and no guilt.

And eat to build health. I’m getting older. I want to feel good. We all do. I love that changing how I ate- and small changes made a big difference – helped me to gradually, easily lose weight, and my energy came up, and the aches an pains went away. So when we are are ready for a change, choosing the right foods can help us to build health.

Food is a JoyNo GuiltEat to Build Health